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Device simplifies installing design and saves space with micro electronic technique.

Mollelec Electric Co, Ltd. announced an integrated Control and Protective Switching Device (CPS), which integrates breaker, fuse, contactor, over-load ( over current, phase failure) protection relay, starter and isolator into one module. This device has a higher compatibility than discrete components. It effectively saved space and removed the connection-design process in installation.

CPS is mainly applied to power system of AC 50Hz(60Hz), with a rated voltage up to 690V and a rated current 1-125A (adjustable current 0.4-100A). It could connect, load and break current on normal and urgent situation (e.g. short-circuit).

The integration design enables CPS to have both control and protection function. Besides, CPS has a higher breaking capacity, a shorter arc-over distance and a longer life-span than traditional discrete components. It could also control and protect motor load and power distribution load.

CPS effectively eliminates the incongruity of control and protection which occurs in discrete components. Especially, it avoids the incongruity which happens when different standard components used.

As an advanced control and protection solution, the CPS has big potential market and is available from Mollelec now! Please do not hesitate to feedback your demand to enjoy the first value and benefits from it!


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