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Control Relay - Voltage adjustable integrated Solid State Relays

The GV series voltage adjustable integrated solid state module is newly developed according to customersí» requests. It is characterized by input-output photoelectric isolation, integrated phase shift voltage adjustable circuit with main circuit, smart size, light weight, long service lifetime, big control power, stepless adjustment and high insulation voltage etc. It can control power of loads on output side automatically by changing the input voltage or by potentiometer manually. Meanwhile, due to its high input resistance and internal synchronization, through digital analogue converter, it can connect to computer, digital remote control, 0~5V or 4~20mA meters directly and make stepless adjustment for voltage, power of loads on output side conveniently. The TRIAC output are mainly applicable for resistive loads; The SCR output are mainly applicable for inductive loads. This product is widely used for lighting adjustment in illumination devices, temperature control in civil and industrial heating and soft start control etc


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